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Crystal’s Story

Chondrosarcoma at the radius Date of Diagnosis: January 2009 Age at diagnosis: 34 Diagnosis & Treatment: I am an LPN working in a nursing home. In December 2008 I started pushing my med cart and noticed sharp pains in my … Continue reading

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Ronette’s Story

Ewing’s sarcoma at the radius Age at Diagnosis: 26 Date of Diagnosis: 2007 Location: Indiana Hospital: Indiana University Medical Center Team: Dr. Daniel Rushing, Dr. L. Daniel Wurtz Diagnosis: I first saw an orthopedist in October 2003 after bumping my … Continue reading

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Allan’s Story

Osteosarcoma at the Distal Radius Age at Diagnosis: 23 Year of Diagnosis: 1976 Location: Canada Diagnosis: I first went to my family doctor in August of 1976. At that time I thought I had broken the arm. The doctor took … Continue reading

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