Crystal’s Story

Chondrosarcoma at the radius
Date of Diagnosis: January 2009
Age at diagnosis: 34

Diagnosis & Treatment: I am an LPN working in a nursing home. In December 2008 I started pushing my med cart and noticed sharp pains in my arm. I knew that this was not normal so I went to the ER when I got off work. The ER doctor repeatedly asked me if I had fallen, twisted, or injured my arm. I kept telling him that I had not. He would not x-ray my arm at this time. He told me that is was a sprain and gave me Ultram and a splint to wear for 3 days. Before the 3 days were up my arm had started hurting worse and Ultram was doing absolutely nothing for the pain.

At the beginning of January I went to my family physician and he x-rayed my arm. Of course something showed up but my doctor wasn’t sure (or wouldn’t say) what it was so he ordered an MRI. At this point no one would tell me what was wrong and I had become very upset. After the results of my MRI came back my doctor called and said that I needed to see an orthopedic doctor because something showed up on my MRI and it was 4cm long and 1.5cm wide. The orthopedic doctor is the one who finally told me that it was a bone tumor but said that he was not qualified to take care of it so he sent me to UAB in Alabama. My appoint was Feb. 9th, and the bone tumor was removed on Feb. 10. It was a grade II chondrosarcoma.

Life Now: I am now in therapy because I was not able to pick up, or squeeze, or use my arm for anything. My next appoint is May 15th. This was all very disturbing to me because there was no history of cancer in my family. My husband and mother have been very supportive through this terrifying time in my life. I put it all in GODS hands and pray daily that it does not come back.

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