Bill’s Story

Chondrosarcoma at the ribs
Age at Diagnosis: 60
Date of Diagnosis: 2004
Location: Australia

Diagnosis, Treatment and Metastases: In 2004 I was diagnosed with a chondrosarcoma on my rib cage that went from the size of a prune to a grapefruit in 6 weeks. They removed the left side of my rib cage and replaced it with a plastic like rib cage. Last year, in November of 2005, I found another 2 chondrosarcomas on my knee and ankle. Due to this I lost my leg and have now had to learn how to walk again. Since then I recently have just had another chondrosarcoma where it originally occurred on my plastic rib cage.

My doctor, Professor Choong, has been wonderful each time and extremely positive for me and my family.

Life Now: Life I take every day as it comes, and appreciate each breath of air I take. My life certainly has slowed down since I have had these chondrosarcomas, as I use to be a builder. But chondrosarcoma has not stopped me from getting outdoors and giving things a go.

Thoughts and hints for new patients: This can be a very aggressive tumour, and I tell anyone out there to stay positive and keep focused. It is the one way to get through fighting any type of tumour. I sure would love to hear from other people who have been through similar experiences to me.

Life is too short, be extremely positive. Just keep checking your own body for any bump or hump. As my doctor always has said to me, any bump, hump or lump that shouldn’t be there: get rid of. Good luck.

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