Allan’s Story

Osteosarcoma at the Distal Radius
Age at Diagnosis: 23
Year of Diagnosis: 1976
Location: Canada

Diagnosis: I first went to my family doctor in August of 1976. At that time I thought I had broken the arm. The doctor took one look at the x-ray and sent me to the cancer clinic. I was at the clinic on a Monday and had my first operation of many that Friday. At the time thought it was no big deal. Let’s just get on with curing it.

Treatment: The first four or five operations they removed the tumor and packed the hole with bone chips from my hip. That didn’t work. The next operation was to fuse my left wrist since it had become unstable. After the wrist had healed they removed a bone from my leg and replaced the radius. Then I started on my chemotherapy rounds. Took chemo for a year. My chemo treatment would last for seven days. Sorry but never did know what kind of
chemo I was given.

Recovery and Metastasis: I never had physio. I had to go back to school to learn a new trade. I had a recurrence in 1993 when I was 40. They amputated the lower part of the left arm at that time.

Life Now: My life at the moment is not to bad overall.

Thoughts and Hints for New Patients: Do research, ask questions, listen to what they are saying to you and keep a positive attitude.

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